Cell phones and tablets have revolutionized the world of advertising! Statistics indicate that six plus of our seven plus billion population, own a cell phone or a tablet. Surprisingly, this total includes a large amount of people living in developing countries! Everybody has a cell phone! Small business owners can now reach potential customers rapidly through digital devices! Thousands of struggling small businesses are turning to digital animation to keep in sync with retail technology. They better, or they will perish!

Online sales are growing at almost 10% per year with a forecast of reaching 50% by 2035. While there are variant models for online retailing they all have two things in common: People and Consumers. Consumers are shoppers with a need they want to satisfy. They want a product and they want it now! E-commerce is currently buzzing with drone consumers looking for the right model to purchase right now!

You may be reading this article because you are considering retailing products online. You may have even considered starting a small business. You should know that owning a small business is a huge financial risk. Especially right now with the hard blow our economy is undergoing with the COVID19 pandemic! You cant be sure how your product will evolve or if youll survive the many expensive start-up challenges. The SBA (Small Business Association) states that 30% of new businesses fail during the first two years and 50% during the first five years. A primary reason is not knowing effective marketing methods to retail products on The Internet.

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